Powerful Business Etiquette Tips

Have you observed social gaffes and just plain inappropriate behavior at business meetings? Have you ever seen someone make a fool of themselves in a business meeting? Do you feel comfortable in knowing what to do as proper business etiquette in a business meeting? It is very important to know proper business etiquette because it is very critical to your image and the relationship building process.

In my business career and in particular, during my business coaching endeavors, I have learned some very powerful tips to help avoid mistakes in business etiquette that are so easy to make. Your strategic thinking business coach wants to share ten (10) of my favorites. Here they are:

Business Etiquette Tip #1: Always pay attention when someone is talking with you. This is one of the best tips and a great compliment to give the other person.

Business Etiquette Tip #2: Use a firm handshake when being introduced to someone. This shows confidence, warmth, openness and sincerity. Avoid a strong aggressive grip handshake, which makes you appear insensitive and domineering.

Business Etiquette Tip #3: Only speak after the other person has stopped talking. It is very rude to interrupt. This will indicate you are polite and will enable you to listen better, which will enhance your becoming a great conversationalist.

Business Etiquette Tip #4: When speaking, use a calm and even voice and a volume to suit the business situation.

Business Etiquette Tip #5: Dress appropriately for the business meeting situation only “dress down” only the host or hostess of the meeting has given permission.

Business Etiquette Tip #6: Squarely face the person you are speaking with and avoid turning your body away from that person. This behavior can be insulting and very negative.

Business Etiquette Tip #7: Always obey the rules about smoking. Remember that when you light up to smoke you will be instantly disliked by those who do not like smoke and even by those people that do.

Business Etiquette Tip #8: When drinking alcohol, always hold your drink in your left hand. This enables you to shake someone’s hand with your right hand. And it keeps your right hand dry and warm. And remember to always control your drinking!

Business Etiquette Tip #9: Record the person’s name, along with contact and personal and business information in your personal organizer. Visualize the person as you do this and repeat their name aloud a few times also.

Business Etiquette Tip #10: Always respect the other person’s “comfort zone” which is about 3 feet around a person’s body. Be sensitive to avoid standing too close and invading the person’s “comfort zone” which will cause them to dislike your intimidating and insensitive behavior. And be careful with touching gestures. The only safe place to touch another person is the hand when you shake hands.

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Business Etiquette in Latin America

In the current business world, there’s a lot of activity taking place on the internet. Most people are aware of social sites as well as advertising and marketing on the internet. Nevertheless, one area seems to be overlooked on a regular basis and that is the value of online business etiquette.

If you want to business online you have to be up to date on the latest etiquette rules, because not using them can hurt your chances of successfully doing business online. Improper etiquette comes in many forms, and sometimes we are unaware of the mistakes we have made. It is important that we, as business professionals take note of these mistakes and rectify them, to be certain that we are using the internet to correspond in a proper, concise way.

One common etiquette mistake is the use of all capital letters when corresponding. Although this is often mistakenly done to help to make a particular point, the common perception of this is that it is like yelling or being obnoxious. You must keep in mind that conversational tone and voice adjustments do not come through in an email, so all that is seen by the recipient are the words. As a result, the reader is responsive to the words alone, and the use of all capital letters can give a very misleading impression. While this might not have been your intention, you could end up offending the reader by writing online correspondence in this manner.

Using bright colors, especially red to highlight your text is often perceived as annoying and pushy. Red is often misinterpreted by the reader. Therefore, an email written in all red immediately puts the reader on notice and makes them wary. It is also harder on the eyes and may impact your intended message in a negative way.

Yet another mistake is not responding to email in a timely manner. Regardless of how busy you may be, a quick response is essential when it comes to maintaining a good relationship with your clients and online contacts. Every contact is an important part of a successful online business. Your client should never feel that they are being brushed aside or treated improperly. In today’s tough economic climate, you have to be vigilant when it comes to retaining business. Prompt replies to emails are an easy method of maintaining long term business relationships with your clients and contacts.

By using proper online etiquette your contacts will be more likely to remain in the business relationship with you, rather than with your competitors. In the same manner, you should also use the same proper etiquette when another business contacts you. Responding in a timely manner is very important, even if you don’t plan on doing business with them. Being up front is always the best policy when it comes to doing business online and another important rule of etiquette. Creating positive and sustainable relationships will help you to develop a good reputation in the online business community, which will greatly enhance your chances for success. Not observing proper online etiquette on the other hand, is just bad business sense.

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